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Body heater


Product Features

• Fast heating, design to warm/dry body after shower by hot or natural wind

• On/off button, neutral air button, warm wind button, heat button

• Powerful wattage, designs to dry wet cloth in the bathroom.

• Splash protection, drains on the surface and the bottom will diverse the water out of the machine.

• Perfect for keeping the body warm and dry

• With overheat and auto shut off protection

• Removable inlet wind cover for dust cleaning

Basic Specification

Heating Element            PTC

Control Type                  4-speed rotary switch

Wattage                         High:/1300W Low:600W~700W

Voltage                          100-240V AC 50/60HZ

Settings                          Off /neutral /Low /High

Outlet wind temp           70℃~80℃

Thermostat                     85℃

Thermal fuse                   110℃

Motor speed                   3000RPM

Over Heat Cut Off           Yes

Auto shut off                  1 hour

Product dimension         475*412*70mm