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Cordless Multi-function wet & dry vacuum cleaner


Product Features

•  Simple and elegant design

•  Middle handle design with switch and water spray button,convenient for operation and extraction.  

•  1000mm extend tube available, cleans every corner flexible

•  Clean desk,Sofa, mattress, carpet,window,inner decor and corners,pet hair .Clean Traces of pet excreta

Basic Specification

Battery specification                      Li-Ion 18650  10.8V 4000mAH 

Current11.2A(120W)                 Suction Power        8.5KPA(120W)

Water spray volume                      200±30mL/min 

Working time on wood floor        20±2 min

Battery Pack                                  Li-ion , 10.8V  4000mAH 

Recharging time for battery         7H

Capacity of clean water tank        900mL 

Capacity of dirty water tank         700 mL

Noise Level                                   76dBA