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Foot heater


Product Features

• Comfortable foot rest with a power-saving 240W watt heater for a warm experience.

• Adjustable heat settings for maximum comfort and keeps space warm.

• Attractive design, perfect for use in both home & modern office

• Compact size, easy to move, easy storage

• With overheat protection and auto cut off protection

Basic Specification

Heating Element            PTC

Control Type                  Mechanical with manual knob

Wattage                         High:220W/ Low:120W

Voltage                          100-240V AC 50/60HZ

Settings                          Off /Fan /Low /High

Outlet wind temp           45℃~60℃

Thermostat                     85℃

Thermal fuse                   110℃

Motor speed                   2100RPM

Over Heat Cut Off           Yes

Product dimension         384*298*65mm