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Multi-functional hair dryer


Product Features

• 6 in 1 Multi functional hair dryer

• Negative ion technology.

• Styles and dries simultaneously.

• Smart temperature control with precise temperature to protect hair over heating.

• Suitable for all kinds of hair style.

• With brushless motor, perfect performance and low noise.

• With auto clean function, removable dust filter cover.

• On/off button, cold wind button, speed button, temperature setting button.

• Accessories: Hair Dryer, Diffuser, Straightener, 30mm small. Curler, 40mm Large Curler,  Soft comb, Hard Comb and Round Barrel comb.

• Soft comb with built in magnif ication mirror.

• Hard comb with f lat mirror.

Basic Specification

Power Supply Type            Connection 

Power Supply Voltage       100-240V AC 50/60HZ

Product Net Weight          Approx. 0.45Kg (single function accessory)


Room temperature 23°C, no nozzle during testing, body only, 

noise distance 1M, air velocity test close to body outlet, 

temperature test distance 25.4mm